Ghost Particle: In Search of the Elusive and Mysterious Neutrino (Hardcover)

Ghost Particle: In Search of the Elusive and Mysterious Neutrino By Alan Chodos, James Riordon, Don Lincoln (Foreword by) Cover Image
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The fascinating story of science in pursuit of the ghostly, ubiquitous subatomic particle—the neutrino.

Isaac Asimov once observed of the neutrino: “The only reason scientists suggested its existence was their need to make calculations come out even. And yet the nothing-particle was not a nothing at all.” In fact, as one of the most enigmatic and most populous particles in the universe—about 100 trillion are flying through you every second—the neutrino may hold the clues to some of our deepest cosmic mysteries. In Ghost Particle, Alan Chodos and James Riordon recount the dramatic history of the neutrino—from the initial suggestion that the particle was merely a desperate solution to a puzzle that threatened to undermine the burgeoning field of particle physics to its modern role in illuminating the universe via neutrino telescopes.
Alan Chodos and James Riordon are deft and engaging guides as they conduct readers through the experiences of intrepid scientists and the challenges they faced, and continue to face, in their search for the ghostly neutrino. Along the way, the authors provide expert insight into the significance of neutrino research from the particle’s first, momentous discovery to recent, revolutionary advances in neutrino detection and astronomy. Chodos and Riordon describe how neutrinos may soon provide clues to some of the biggest questions we encounter today, including how to understand the dark matter that makes up most of the universe—and why anything exists in the universe at all.

About the Author

Alan Chodos is a Research Professor of Physics at the University of Texas at Arlington, a former Director of the Yale Center for Theoretical Physics, and the former Associate Executive Officer of the American Physical Society, where he is a Fellow.

James Riordon is a science journalist who has written for Science News, Scientific American, New Scientist, Popular Science, Washington Post, Science, Ad Astra, Physics Today, and Analytical Chemistry. He is a past President of the DC Science Writers Association, and Cofounder of the Southwest Science Writers Association.

Don Lincoln is a physicist, author, host of the Fermilab YouTube channel, and science contributor to, NOVA, and

Praise For…

“Engagingly written . . . a vital and accessible resource for those with a general interest in particle physics and neutrino research.” 
– Nature Astronomy

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ISBN: 9780262047876
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Publisher: The MIT Press
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 320
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