Life, Reconstructed - A Widow's Guide to Coping with Grief, Finding Happiness Again, and Rebuilding Your Life (Paperback)

Life, Reconstructed - A Widow's Guide to Coping with Grief, Finding Happiness Again, and Rebuilding Your Life By Mph Teresa Amaral Beshwate Cover Image
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Find Hope and Recreate a Good Life After Losing a Spouse

"If you are going through the devastating loss of your spouse, read this book. It will truly help." - Catherine P.

Life Reconstructed is written by a widow, for widows and those who love them.

"This book has given me new feelings of hope and courage to move forward in my life in a way that many sessions with a grief counselor could not. I am forever grateful to Teresa Beshwate for writing such a profound and meaningful book that made such a difference in my life." -Nancy L.

Are you a widow or widower struggling with grief and moving forward after losing a spouse? The problem isn't you. It's the grief that is changing the way your brain works (or doesn't).

This book is written by a widow, for widowed people trying to navigate the darkness of losing a husband or wife. Many say that grieving the loss of your spouse takes time, but in truth, time, in and of itself, does not heal. What does heal is:

  • Understanding that moving forward is not the same as "moving on."
  • Realizing that there is no requirement to leave your spouse in the past.
  • Knowing that you don't have to "get over it" but you can incorporate your loss.
  • Learning how to carry your grief so that it isn't a burden.
  • Finding your way forward in a way that honors your late spouse.

Life, Reconstructed is your guide to healing your life after loss. It applies the cutting-edge tools and techniques of life coaching to the uniquely difficult journey of the widowed. It's delivered with depth and compassion from someone who has experienced your struggle firsthand.

There is hope. There is a way to heal and hold on to your love. There is a next version of you -- a person you can become not in spite of your loss, but because of it.

Life, Reconstructed reveals the way, on your terms and on your timeline.

"Who better to coach another widow than a widow herself? This book is a MUST-READ MUST-DO guide for building a new life...moving forward without your spouse. Masterfully written and superbly relevant." -Kathleen M Townsend, RN, C, widowed 1 year

"Life, Reconstructed has shed a brilliant light on the path Teresa has so expertly navigated." -Roger Landry, MD MPH

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ISBN: 9780578311548
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Publisher: Coach Teresa Beshwate LLC
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 222
Language: English