Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide, 2nd Edition: The Easy Way to Identify Medical Problems (DK Medical Care Guides) (Book)

Medical Symptoms: A Visual Guide, 2nd Edition: The Easy Way to Identify Medical Problems (DK Medical Care Guides) By DK Cover Image
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Find home remedies and advice on illnesses and injuries! 

There are plenty of medical scenarios that can be identified and treated at home. This medical reference book takes you through the most common illnesses and injuries, their symptoms, locations in the body, how to treat them at home and when to seek professional medical attention.

Inside this first aid guide, you’ll find:

   ⃦ Easy-to-access visual symptoms guide, arranged by body part affected, working from head to toe
   ⃦ Intuitive entry-level helps the reader identify illness or locate injury quickly
   ⃦ Clear, simple illustrations of the associated anatomy help medical understanding
   ⃦ Conditions are listed in order of likelihood, with the most likely first, for speedy diagnosis
   ⃦ Symbols direct a reader to the appropriate form of medical help
   ⃦ Concise explanations of all the conditions featured in the diseases and disorders section
   ⃦ Updated to include Covid-19

Medical Symptoms is an easy-to-use visual symptoms finder and self-diagnosis book that will help you check out any health problem. Discover what an ailment or pain might be and what you should do. You’ll find explanations of symptoms and diseases, clear human anatomy photographs, and suggested home care instructions. 

Once you’ve narrowed it down, a cross-reference takes you to easy-to-follow descriptions of the condition at the back of the book. Potentially life-threatening situations symptoms that need urgent medical advice are clearly flagged. This is the perfect home medical guide for your family and is fully illustrated throughout.

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ISBN: 9780744051650
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Publisher: DK
Publication Date: April 5th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: DK Medical Care Guides