Broken Pieces (Paperback)

Broken Pieces By Danielle Sibarium, Missy Borucki (Editor), Ct Cover Creations (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Danielle Sibarium, Missy Borucki (Editor), Ct Cover Creations (Cover Design by)
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Murder changes everything-


I hated living the life my parents chose for me.

The night I made the choice to follow my heart

I woke up covered in blood with a murder weapon

in my hand and no memory of what happened.

Two sets of blue eyes stared at me.

One belonged to the man I wanted to break away from.

The other belonged to the boy that owned me heart and soul.

I had only one option and it left me with a broken heart.

I'm trapped in a life I never wanted.

I trudge through each day hoping, dreaming the time will come

where I can get away.


I'm the boy with no father.

My mother died when I was fifteen.

I'm the smart ass parents didn't want their kids hanging around.

Bullied by the town golden boy.

I didn't believe anyone loved me and I didn't give a shit.

Until the night of a gruesome murder when I lost the man

I wanted to be my father and the girl I loved.

I've spent the last five years behind bars.

Waiting for revenge.

Now I'm back and ready to fight for what's mine.

Broken Pieces is a compelling story of love, sacrifice and murder.

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ISBN: 9781088051993
ISBN-10: 1088051995
Publisher: Danielle Sibarium
Publication Date: July 27th, 2022
Pages: 270
Language: English