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Lyons really swung for the fences on this draconic heist and though it might not be a homerun, it’s certainly a solid base hit and a highly enjoyable adventure. For a start, the world is wildly imaginative and wholly immersive, complete with an imagined menagerie of fantastical creatures. The cultural and societal structures show a good amount of depth and nuance while alluding to a world I would love to know more about. 

While some moments felt stilted and the pacing moved fitfully, the originality of the concept and appeal of the characters more than compensated for those shortcomings and, though it’s marketed as a standalone, this story would be  a solid start for the hinted-at sequel.


— Jordan


Enter a world ruled by dragons…

The Sky on Fire is a daring new fantasy heist adventure that will thrill fans of Temeraire, Fourth Wing, and Dragonriders of Pern

Anahrod lives only for survival, forging her own way through the harsh jungles of the Deep with her titan drake by her side. Even when an adventuring party saves her from capture by a local warlord, she is eager to return to her solitary life.

But this is no ordinary rescue. It’s Anahrod’s past catching up with her. These cunning misfits—and their frustratingly appealing dragonrider ringleader—intend to spirit her away to the dragon-ruled sky cities, where they need her help to steal from a dragon’s hoard.

There’s only one problem: the hoard in question belongs to the current regent, Neveranimas—and she wants Anahrod dead.

From Jenn Lyons, the acclaimed author of the Chorus of Dragons series, this soaring standalone fantasy combines conniving dragons, lightning banter, high-stakes intrigue, and a little bit of heat.

About the Author

Twice-nominated Astounding Award finalist JENN LYONS lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, her cats and a nearly infinite number of opinions on anything from Sumerian mythology to the correct way to make a martini. After spending thirty years working as a graphic artist, art director, and video game producer (in that order), Lyons now spends her days writing fantasy. She traces her geek roots back to playing first edition Dungeons & Dragons in grade school—a passion she’s continued as an adult—as well as pursuing whatever craft or skill she’s obsessed with this week: pyrography, beadwork, stenography, furniture upholstery, etc. Her five book epic fantasy series, A Chorus of Dragons, begins with The Ruin of Kings.

Praise For…

"Nobody does dragons like Jenn Lyons! All the ingredients here add up to a spectacular and sexy fantasy heist story: sky ships hunting leviathans, revenge plots, secrets, family drama, and an ensemble that sparkles like a hoard full of diamonds."—Freya Marske, international bestselling author of A Marvellous Light

"Jenn Lyons just keeps getting better and better! The Sky on Fire is fantastic!—in multiple senses of that word."—Glen Cook, author of The Black Company

"The Sky on Fire's wily worldbuilding is deeply enjoyable, and its plot races like wildfire atop wit and banter, twists and reverses, and an unflappable delight in the possibilities of fantasy."—Kate Elliott, author of Unconquerable Sun and Servant Mage

"Fans of Dragonriders of Pern, Dragonlance, Naomi Novik’s Temeraire, and D&D will love this dragon-filled fantasy. The love letter you’ve been looking for to all the things you’ve cherished about the fantasy genre."—R.R. Virdi, author of The First Binding

Praise for Jenn Lyons:
"It's impossible not to be impressed with the ambition of it all, the sheer, effervescent joy Lyons takes in the scope of her project . . . a larger-than-life adventure story about thieves, wizards, assassins and kings to dwell in for a good long while."—The New York Times on The Ruin of Kings

“Epic fantasy fans looking for a virtually un-put-down-able read should look no further."—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on The Ruin of Kings

“Rich, cruel, gorgeous, brilliant, enthralling and deeply, deeply satisfying. I loved it.”—Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians, on The Ruin of Kings

“Lyons proves she is worthy of comparison to other masters of epic fantasy.”—Booklist (starred review) on The Name of All Things

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ISBN: 9781250342003
ISBN-10: 1250342007
Publisher: Tor Books
Publication Date: July 9th, 2024
Pages: 448
Language: English