Sermons on the Couch: A Year of Inspirational Reflections (Paperback)

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A friendly and affirming collection of 52 secular essays with interactive journaling prompts for those seeking spiritual connection and comfort outside the confines of organized religion.

In Sermons on the Couch, Cindy Gentry offers weekly sermons that meet people where they are—whether religious or spiritual, agnostic or atheist. Instead of references to deities, her lessons are placed in the context of a force in the Universe. Instead of Biblical quotes, she uses the wise words of celebrities, scientists, poets, and thinkers. Rather than traditional hymns, she closes each sermon with suggested popular songs from across genres. At the end of each Sermon, she offers journal questions to guide further contemplation of the weekly topic.

For example, the book’s opening sermon is titled “Resolutions.” To avoid the self-criticism that comes from not following through on resolutions, Cindy suggests reframing them into more general goals such as becoming a happier, healthier person, improving relationships, and making the world a better place. Journal questions prompt reflection on past experiences with resolutions and what the reader might do differently this year, and the hymn selection for this sermon is New Beginning, by Tracy Chapman.

Writes Cindy, “So, that is my mission. To enjoy a laugh and a song, but most of all, to remind people each week, despite the crazy ups and downs of life, that they are perfect in their imperfections, the Universe loves them unconditionally, and that we can hold on to each other.”

About the Author

Cindy Gentry is a native of Sacramento, California. After graduating with a degree in Human Development, minors in English and Education, and receiving her credential from the University of California, Davis, she spent 32 years teaching, mentoring, writing grants, and coordinating peer education and homeless student services. She was twice nominated for Teacher of the Year.

A few years ago, she became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and began posting weekly encouragement, humor, and inspiration posts on a private Facebook group page. Her readers urged her to compile these sermons into an interactive year-long readers’ journey and so her first book, Sermons on the Couch, was born.

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ISBN: 9781401972646
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Publisher: Hay House LLC
Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Pages: 184
Language: English