Native American Stories for Kids: 12 Traditional Stories from Indigenous Tribes across North America (Paperback)

Native American Stories for Kids: 12 Traditional Stories from Indigenous Tribes across North America By Tom Pecore Weso Cover Image
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Explore Native American narratives—for kids ages 6 to 9

Get a head start on this school year's history lesson by learning all about Native American history. Native Americans have a long tradition of storytelling. Now, you can easily introduce your children to these rich cultures with a compilation of powerful tales from multiple tribes like the Cheyenne and the Lenape.

What sets this book apart from other Native American books for kids:

Tales from 12 tribes—Kids will embark on a literary adventure with 12 stories from tribes around America, exploring lore about how the mountain Denali formed, why the North Star stays still, and more.

Tribal history—Every story ends with a brief historical sketch of the tribe, providing context and offering a glimpse into their way of life and their traditions.

Fun facts—The learning doesn't stop with the stories; a collection of fascinating facts, suggestions for additional reading, and a glossary of important words give kids a deeper understanding and appreciation.

Spark excitement in Native American history and culture with enchanting stories from tribes across the continent.

About the Author

THOMAS PECORE WESO, a member of the Menominee tribe, is the author of Good Seeds: A Menominee Indian Food Memoir. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Kansas and gives presentations on Native American history around the country. To learn more, visit

Praise For…

"Tom Pecore Weso's collection for children is an essential read not just for Native American kids, but for all kids (and their parents) to better understand the first peoples of this land. Bringing together brilliantly illustrated and fascinatingly written stories from tribes across regions of the United States, this collection gives us Menominee, Navajo (Dine), Athabascan, Cherokee, Zuni Pueblo, Cheyenne, and more stories, each one folding in historical context and native traditions. At the same time, each story stands on its own as a jewel of vibrant storytelling that gives us all readers gifts of understanding the world and its possibilities. A glossary and further resources at the end of the book further help readers and educators. This book is a must-have in all children's sections of libraries and school libraries." —Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Poet Laureate of Kansas Emeritus

"Mr. Weso, a Native American author, delightfully puts many of the animal people stories together for children in this book. Each story sings with the fullness of the oral tradition, and the trickster (coyote); the turtle (strength), and many others come to life in the telling. Well written, with wonderful artwork, this book brings the stories to life—to teach and to inspire." —Pamela Dawes Tambornino

"A rabbit as tricky as a coyote? A tale about that trickster, Tsi-s'du, appears in Native American Stories for Kids with vibrant language that entertains both children and adults. Menominee tribe member Tom Pecore Weso compiled these 12 stories from those his elders told him and from Indigenous Tribes across the continental U.S. and Alaska. Its human-like animals and imaginative situations both teach and delight us. After each story, Weso offers a synopsis about the tribe where the story originated, followed by a glossary and extensive reference list that sculpt this collection into an excellent learning tool for a classroom." —Lindsey Martin-Bowen, author of Where Water Meets the Rock and Crossing Kansas with Jim Morrison

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