If the Shoe Fits (Paperback)

If the Shoe Fits By E. J. Noyes Cover Image
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Jana Fleischer loves her life--wonderful family, best sister in the world, awesome soon to be sister-in-law, fabulous job, and a never-ending stream of men to chew through and spit out. So what if everyone says she's too picky and she's never had a real relationship?

When a chance meeting with Brooke Donnelly leaves Jana literally and figuratively off-balance, it doesn't take long for her initial annoyance to turn into the first sparks of friendship. Jana always thought she was happy with her life, but the more time she spends with Brooke, the more she realizes something is missing. And maybe not just in the friendship department.

But how do you make that leap when you've never even considered kissing a woman, and have spent your whole life avoiding romantic commitments? Being brave, taking the first step, and admitting she wants to try to make things work with Brooke is only the beginning. Whether it's the beginning of a disaster--or everything Jana hadn't realized she wanted--depends on if Brooke can also be brave enough...

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ISBN: 9781642470567
ISBN-10: 1642470562
Publisher: Bella Books
Publication Date: November 19th, 2019
Pages: 298
Language: English