Why We Fought: This is A Revolutionary Book about the American Revolution (Paperback)

Why We Fought: This is A Revolutionary Book about the American Revolution By E. G. Ruttledge Cover Image
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This little book explodes onto the long historiography of the American Revolution, and shatters all previous American Revolutionary, shibboleths. It destroys totally the accepted New Englander interpretation of the Revolution as false. It regards the real revolution as a stolen legacy. A deliberate false-hood practiced upon the unsuspecting American public for nigh on 250 years. Mr. Ruttledge shows it up for what it really is a charlatan parading as truth, yet it is no more truthful than an urban myth. Mr. Ruttledge gathers a plethora of evidence to back up his claim and yet what is most startling is not the revelations it shows up ;but more importantly why no one else has seen the obvious. The evidence is for all to see in plain sight and has been for the past 250 years. why has no one else considered to look. or have they been looking the other way? The Irish, The Catholics, the African Americans have all been deliberately written out, up until now! well no more they have arisen and what a story they tell.

About the Author

Eugene Ruttledge is an avid historian and has been self-taught in the field of history for more than 45 years.

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