Fixer (Paperback)

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Diego is a software developer and solver of life problems. After graduating from Stanford, he sets out to build the ultimate life hack app that could forever change the way we live. Diego's bold vision inspires his friends to join him, but as they build their startup, real life bites back, and each must make tough choices to commit to his or her own ambitions.
The five friends navigate the booming tech culture of post-millennium San Francisco as they search for their unique place within it. Diego is driven by a calling to eliminate the messiness of life, for his family and the world. Girlfriend Meghan, would-be artist and reluctant game marketer, is longing for the perfect vocation that will connect her to her "true self." Power couple Kari and Kira learn how to be stronger together, despite secrets and obsessions, and bon vivant Ravi follows his heart to create his own definition of family.
Fixer is a story of identity, authenticity, and the complex synergy between a city and its people.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734584905
ISBN-10: 1734584904
Publisher: Proxy Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
Pages: 334
Language: English