The Rangeland Derby: 100 Years of Chuckwagon Racing at the Calgary Stampede (Paperback)

The Rangeland Derby: 100 Years of Chuckwagon Racing at the Calgary Stampede By Glen Mikkelsen Cover Image


Tighten Your Lines and Hang On You're in for quite a ride There is simply no other race like it. The Calgary Stampede's Rangeland Derby brings together a unique community of men, women and horses for the toughest teamster competition in the world In 2023, the Rangeland Derby celebrates its 100th anniversary. Every summer for 10 decades, drivers and outriders with their horses and wagons have dashed, yelled and thundered around Calgary's racetrack. Craving excitement and speed, cowboys and their horses have stoked their version of hell on wheels, creating an electrifying uniquely western event. This book takes its hat off to this incomparable contest and gallops into the lives, stories and true tall tales of the men and women in a community that has no equal. The Calgary Stampede is the Super Bowl of chuckwagon racing. Chuckwagon races originated on the western plains, and nowhere else in the world are they held on the same scale as in Calgary. Here the best drivers and horses compete for the sport's richest prizes. To compete, every contending cowboy relies upon their family to support their avid racing passion. Working, playing and laughing, the involvement of entire families is rare in any pro sport, but it has always been this way in chuckwagon racing. They share a rare lineage as many families trace their involvement in decades or generations.

About the Author

Glen Mikkelsen has a unique appreciation for and understanding of the Calgary Stampede's Rangeland Derby's national and international significance. his writing has been featured in numerous national and international magazines, and he is the author of Never Holler Whoa: The Cowboys of Chuckwagon Racing; Checkered Courage; Chuckwagon Racing's Glass Family and a contributing writer to Icon, Brand, Myth: The Calgary Stampede.: Mikkelsen holds a BA in Canadian Studies, and has spent 35 years in the events, sport, and entertainment industry. He is a Certified Venue Executive with the International Association of Venue Managers, and in 2019, he was inducted in the Event & Arena Marketing Conference's Hall of Fame, the only Canadian inductee in its 40-yeah history.

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ISBN: 9781773110134
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Publisher: Folklore Publishing
Publication Date: March 1st, 2023
Pages: 352
Language: English