Hypnosis: Master the Covert Art of Hypnosis, Raise the Dormant Energy Inside You and Be Always Motivated. 20 Hypnotic Sessions: (Escape Collection #1) (Paperback)

Hypnosis: Master the Covert Art of Hypnosis, Raise the Dormant Energy Inside You and Be Always Motivated. 20 Hypnotic Sessions: (Escape Collection #1) Cover Image
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Have you always felt like there was something inside that's been holding you back from making your dream life a reality?

Do you want to know and self-mastery yourself and reach the nirvana state of being?

Do you want to awake once and for all the best version of yourself and live the life you deserve? 

Today, thousands of people acknowledge the power of Hypnosis and used it to improve their daily life.

Hypnosis represents the gold connection between religion and science, when you will experience and live it everything will be more clear. It can create a highly relaxed state of inner concentration and focused attention for patients, and the technique can be tailored to different treatment methods, such as cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Recent studies have confirmed its effectiveness as a tool to reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, alleviate delete overthinking, depression and anxiety and extirpate binge and emotional eating.

In this bundle, you will find 1440+ minutes of spiritual rebirth divided into:

- 3 hours of everyday hypnosis sessions to awake your hidden divine powers

- 5 hours of past life regressions sessions

- 7 hours of sessions for rapid weight loss

- 5 hours of hypnotic gastric band sessions

- 2 hours of deep sleep sessions

- 2 hours of affirmations: lose weight and maintain it, activate the law of attraction, attract money, live always happy and motivated

- 1+ hour of bonus sessions: quit smoking, social anxiety extirpation, procrastination cure and much more...

Even if you have no experience and even if you had no time, this massive collection of hypnotic sessions is the perfect solution for you.


Because you can start - wherever you are - from this moment.

You have only to close your eyes, keep an open mind, take deep breaths and put the hypnotic sessions in loop everyday from today.

And there is another amazing thing

You don't need to consciously listen to them to start reprogramming your subconscious mind, just play them in repetition every day and let hypnosis run your life. You will see important changes in your life's point of view and in the way you see things in less than 10 hours of listening. The rest will follow...

What are you waiting for? 

Don't let the work inside you control you, your present and your future anymore, begin your journey of self-discovery and find out what is hidden within you 

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ISBN: 9781801546362
ISBN-10: 1801546363
Publisher: Daniela Mastrini
Publication Date: January 7th, 2021
Pages: 344
Language: English
Series: Escape Collection