Homecoming (Paperback)

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Brooklyn - I was locked in a cage for 16 years. But I lived in it willingly.

And I didn't come back to this city for a boy who forgot about me when I was kidnapped. Matthew Caldwell broke his promises to me. And I broke every single promise I made him.

But it's a lot easier to decide something when you're not staring at your past face to face. Matthew Caldwell helped heal my heart once before. And I think maybe he's the only one that can help me now.

Matt - It's easiest to remember Brooklyn in the fall. The autumn leaves remind me of her. The crisp smell of the air. It's all her.

I wasted half my life loving someone that's never coming back. And I still want all the things I once did - kids, a wife, a home.

But how can I move forward if I still feel her presence at every turn? It's almost like she's still here with me?

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ISBN: 9781942381211
ISBN-10: 1942381212
Publisher: Loft Troll Ink
Publication Date: November 10th, 2022
Pages: 388
Language: English