Butterflies: An Easy Large Print Adult Coloring Book Activity for Alzheimer's Patients and Seniors with Dementia (Paperback)

Butterflies: An Easy Large Print Adult Coloring Book Activity for Alzheimer's Patients and Seniors with Dementia By Sunny Street Books Cover Image
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Do you sometimes find it difficult to engage your loved one with dementia? To help them stay calm? To find activities for them that encourage peaceful interaction?

This coloring book can help. It provides a therapeutic activity with numerous benefits for seniors with dementia. It focuses their attention on a simple yet satisfying task, which can effectively reduce anxiety and stress and promote a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Adult coloring books are very popular right now, but many of them have busy, complicated images. Instead, this book features large spaces to color with softly shaded backgrounds, specifically designed as an activity for Alzheimer's patients, seniors with dementia, or anyone who prefers to color simpler images. And because this book features sharp, distinct lines and larger coloring spaces, it can also provide a relaxing activity for seniors with Parkinson's disease or recovering from a stroke.

People with dementia often have difficulty with short-term memory, but many of their long-term memories are intact. Your loved one may be inspired to reminisce about pleasant childhood memories they associate with the act of coloring. And coloring is an activity a child can participate in alongside their relative who's suffering from dementia.


-High-resolution images. All lines are clean and sharp with the coloring spaces well delineated.

-Single-sided pages. Each image is printed on a single, one-sided sheet to avoid bleed-through.

-Solid background. All images are printed on solid backgrounds to avoid confusion or distraction. Each background is a composed of a matrix of tiny dots, tinting it just enough that the central image stands out but the background can still be colored if desired.

-Images for adults. While children would certainly enjoy our coloring books, the images are designed for adults. Just because a coloring page is simple and uncomplicated, it doesn't mean it has to be silly or childish.

-Discreet packaging. At no time is anything mentioned about Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or any other challenges the reader might be facing. This coloring book can be given as a gift without fear that the recipient might feel embarrassed or offended.

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