Prisoner 302 (Hardcover)

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Laisenia Qarase was Fiji's Prime Minister in 2000-2006. In his own words, he tells of his rise from village obscurity to public service, from bank management to the high office of Prime Ministership.

After two election wins, his SDL Government was subsequently couped in 2006 - a crisis that led to Qarase's eventual imprisonment as PRISONER 302 in 2012 for 243 days. Here, he tells us why, and what impact that politically-contrived fall from grace had on him and his family personally, socially, financially and politically. Laisenia Qarase writes clearly with authority, humility and deep authenticity of the one who has 'been there'.

This is a book which will inspire, and from which there is much to learn.

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ISBN: 9798986147710
Publisher: Laisenia Bale Qarase
Publication Date: December 5th, 2022
Pages: 652
Language: English