Consignment Policy

The Book Seller is happy to support our local authors, unfortunately, due to the high volume of books now being self-published, we are unable to accept books on consignment from authors who live outside of our area.

No bookstore can carry every published title, whether from a major publisher’s list or self-published by a local author. When selecting books for our shelves, along with our 40+ years of experience, some of the factors we take in to consideration are the subject, production quality, and retail price.

Our preferred arrangement for local self-published books is to obtain them through Ingram or Baker and Taylor as long as they are available on a returnable basis at a standard discount. If your book fits that criteria, please download and complete our form, then leave a review copy for us to take a look at. Ingram has recently opened an on-demand warehouse in Fresno which makes books easily and quickly available to all bookstores across the United States!  If your book is available through Ingram or Baker and Taylor but it's non-returnable or short discounted, we will happily special order the title for an inquiring customer as per The Book Seller’s store policy.

The Book Seller does accept submissions for self-published books on consignment for titles that have particular interest to our local area. Generally, these are nonfiction local history, nature, or travel oriented.