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'It was August 1, a time when New York children are generally wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts. My first patient was 18 months old and dressed more appropriately for late fall. When we took off his clothes I saw why. He was covered head-to-toe with oozing, staph-infected lesions, which he promptly began to scratch. That explained the overdressing — it was the only deterrent to scratching ... I had expected quick resolution using oral medication–teas — based on my experience in China. I wasn't prepared for this level of severity.'

Dr Xiu-Min Li

Thus began Dr Li's journey into the treatment of eczema in the United States, which afflicts some 15–20% of children and 10% of adults. This book represents years of collaboration with patients, parents, pediatricians, allergists and dermatologists to treat disorders that resist standard intervention, and in some cases are caused by conventional treatment in the form of topical corticosteroids. Chronic use of steroids by patients desperate for relief from itching, oozing and scaling, and subsequent withdrawal can result in severe physical and psychological symptoms.

'It wasn't just the extent of the disease. It was also the toll it took on family quality of life. Kids were crying. Mothers were crying. They were all sleeping badly. Most of these families also had bad food allergies, but food allergy is a silent disease. People worry about it, but with eczema they suffer every day.'

Dr Li

This is a book of scholarship. Dr Li, explores the literature of traditional Chinese medicine, which has a long history of describing and treating skin disorders, to find therapies that might benefit current patients. It is a book of science as Dr Li and her team use state-of-the-art technology to explore the mechanisms of disease, the therapeutic effects of the herbs, and ways to make them more effective. But it is also a book of compassion as patients and their families recount their experience of illness and the road back, after working with Dr Li's private practice.

Dr Li has dual professorships in Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology, and Otolaryngology at New York Medical College. Dr Li and her team have long devoted to themselves to developing novel therapies for food allergy, asthma, eczema, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and Crohn's disease, among other inflammatory conditions.


  • About the Author

  • Foreword

  • Anne Maitland

  • Research:

    • 'Give-Up Patients': The Road to Eczema Treatment (A Conversation with Dr Xiu-Min Li)(Henry Ehrlich)
    • The Allergist's Dilemma (Paul Ehrlich)
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine for Food Allergy and Eczema (Zixi Wang, Zhen-Zhen Wang, Jan Geliebter, Raj Tiwari, and Xiu-Min Li)
    • Brief Outline of Chinese Medicine's Understanding and Treatment of Dermatological Disease (Mazin Al-Khafaji)
    • Mechanisms of Eczema, Biomarkers, and Perspectives of TCM Therapeutic Targets (Kamal D Srivastava and Xiu-Min Li)
    • The Role of Microbiota in Eczema (Jan Geliebter, Xiu-Min Li, and Raj Tiwari)
    • Shi Zhen Tea I: Inside Look at a Botanical Formula (Nan Yang and Xiu-Min Li)
    • Computational Approaches to Reveal the Active Compounds and Molecular Targets from TCM Formulas for Eczema (Zhen-Zhen Wang)
    • Topical Steroid Withdrawal (Belinda Sheary)
    • Successful Management of Severe Eczema Characterized by Corticosteroid Addiction and Withdrawal Using Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tory McKnight and Xiu-Min Li)
    • Eczema, Food Allergy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapy (Johnathan Neshiwat and Xiu-Min Li)
  • Patients and Their Stories:

    • Beyond Corticosteroids: Strategies and Milestones of the Healing Process (Xiu-Min Li)
    • 'She Learned to Chew Through Her Sleeves to Get at Her Skin'
    • Eczematous Lesions Spread 'Like Ivy'
    • They Swaddled Him at Night and Restrained His Hands with Velcro
    • 'I Would Ooze and Cry'
    • 'When We Were Little, Your Skin Scared Me'
    • 'Even the Air Hurt His Skin'
    • The Condition Looked Like Eczema but It 'Behaved Differently'
    • A 'Blur of Misery'
    • 'This Was No Way to Live'
    • 'Potential for Much Worse'
    • 'Itch That Never Seemed to Budge'
    • 'She Felt Completely Healed, and Celebrated by Going Out and Dancing Until 3AM'
    • 'It Looked Like She Had Been Skinned Alive from Head to Toe'
    • She Kept a Dustbuster by Her Bed to Collect Dead Skin
    • 'My Baby Is Going to Die If I Can't Help Him'
    • He Has Begun to Have a Normal Childhood
    • The Message was Always the Same. 'This is Life for Him'
    • 'It Hurt to Shower'
    • The Parents Would Lie in Bed and Listen to Him Scratch
    • All Blood and Crying
    • 'We Have Nothing Else. Good Luck'
    • 'Just Wanted to Be Normal'
    • 'Zero Spontaneity in Our Lives'
    • 'A Life of Chaos and Trauma'

Readership: Primary market: Dermatologists, allergists, general medicine. Secondary market: Patients and patient families.

Key Features:

  • Centers on the successful treatment of severe recalcitrant eczema and the painful, disfiguring side effects of standard treatment, namely topical steroid addiction and withdrawal, developed by Dr Xiu-Min Li, who was trained in both allopathic and Chinese medicine in Henan
  • It recounts Dr Li's adaptation of classical TCM to treat cases far beyond what she was used to in China, gives twenty case histories and treatment notes, has short chapters by various authors on some of the new science of eczema, including steroid abuse and the microbiome of both the skin and gut, describes the use of computational techniques for discovery of new botanical drugs and other related subjects, and gives a detailed description of her own Triple Therapy for Eczema, which has been very successful
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