The Book Seller Store Policies

Returns: We accept returns on books. Below is a list about what we can and can't do returns on.


1) We CAN accept returns on almost everything that we carry in the store and if the product is defective.


2) We CANNOT accept returns:

*if we had to special order the book in for you 

*if it was sealed in plastic but has been opened 

*on ALL travel guides 

*on any book that includes a CD or DVD 

*on gift certificates

*if the book has been inscribed

*if the date of purchase is over 30 days old


When making a return, please have all your receipts- store and credit card. If you paid with a check please wait 21 days before making a return. If you have any questions and/or doubts, please call ahead and speak with a manager to verify if the item is returnable.


Gift Certificates: We can reproduce your lost gift certificate as long as you know the date of purchase and who it is to/from.


Coupons and Store Credits: Once a coupon/store credit prints out there is no record of it and we are not able to reproduce them. We can keep your coupon/store credit for you in the store but it is your responsibility to remember that they are here. Coupons are valid for one year from date of issue.